Armored Nissan Patrol Manufacturer

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Armored Nisan Patrol is Best 4×4 Driving Utility vehicle of your choice for making a decision of buying an armoured vehicle.  HSV develop patrol without losing any luxury future inside. and also from outside look never give any clues about armouring. HSV developing 360 degrees of protection against the ballistic threat. The Security is achieved via up to CEN B7 level of armouring based on what type of protection is required to client. owns a 5.6L 400 HP V8 Engine with a 7-speed rev-syncing transmission, delivering the smoothest of rides within the steepest terrains.

  •  Hutchinson Run flats on all Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Suspension
  •  Reinforced Door Hinges
  •  Fuel Pipe Protection
  •  Large Frame Overlap
  •  Tail Pipe Protection
  •  ECM & Battery Protection
  •  Fuel Tank Protection
  •  Radiator Protection
  •  Special Lock System
  •  Premium Upholstery
  •  Heavy Duty Bull Bar ( Optional )



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