Some Factor Should Consider for Buying a Bulletproof Car


The security is an important factor in decades especially from ballistic or armored threaten increased. if you are thinking about to buy a bulletproof car then you have some factor to consider in your mind.
the important is fact is the which vehicle you want to choose for bulletproofing. there are many cars available in the market in a different category. Not every car’s nature cannot be suited for bulletproofing, choose the best car that fit for the level of armouring that you are looking to do.
keep in mind armouring will not happen in a few days. it needs complicated modification has to complete. the time limit may take more than what you have calculated initially.

Some factor should consider.

Choose Vehicle

The first thing you should consider at the time of buying a bulletproof car is choosing the best car for daily needs. Plenty of vehicle model is available in the market and most of the model’s nature is cannot be suited for the armoured conversion. SUV is the most opted model. while armouring more weight will be added, so the car should have the capacity for handling the weight. The Bulletproofing of the car needs to add ballistic steel over several areas of the car. the thickness of ballistic steel is decided based on the ballistic level. All side, rear glasses and windshields are replaced with bulletproof glass. The adding of ballistic protection allows the car to resist threats like debris, bullet, stones, and other hazards.

Protection Level

There is a different level of protection, CEN B1 to B7. the protection level chooses based on the type of protection you want. B1 offer protection against Rifle or Handgun with 0.22 calibre. B7 offers the highest level of protection against handgun with 7.62×51 calibre. the cost of the car will be increased if you go higher level.

Choose the Best Armouring Company.

There are many armouring companies in UAE, Choose a good company to do the work and also you can extend the armouring future by a close discussion with the company team.

Toyota Landcruiser.

Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series is the most used bulletproof car. many of the government agent and government Person use this car as a security car. the most common fact for choosing land cruiser its off-road capacity and spare parts availability in the market.

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