TJM Bull Bars for vehicle protection

The TJM Frontier bull bars features a durable steel channel which enables strong frontal protection for your vehicle. The minimalist style adds a smart finish as well as ensuring peace of mind for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants in the event of an animal strike.
TJM have developed a more aggressive styled Bull bar. The bar’s 63mm side loops have been designed to offer maximum protection to the new shaped Colorado headlights. Equip your new Holden Colorado with TJM’s Bull Bar for the ultimate in style and safety.

ADR Compliant
Aerial Tabs
Airbag Compatible
Black Powder Coat
Driving Light Provisions
Fog Lamps Included
Improved Approach Angle
Indicator/Park Light Combo
Integrated Fog Lights
Jacking Points
Rated to take a 9,500lb winch
Winch Frame Included


Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series Pickup.


Harrow Security vehicle Manufacturing Amored Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series Pickup Perfect fit for rural and urban environments.

It takes personal security to heights with its commitment to excellence. Meets all the requirements of a high mobility armored vehicle. If heavier armoring is required, up-armoring kits are also available to enhance vehicle suitability.
Armored TLC 79
Series is unmatched in its cross-country superior skill and equally at home in urban environments due to its remarkably thorough engineering. It takes personal security to heights with its commitment to excellence.


  • Reinforced door hinges
  • Upgraded suspension
  • Smart locking system
  • Battery Box protection
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Run-flat tyres
  • Fuel Tank protection
  • Public Addressing system
  • Front bumper
  • Radiator Protection
  • under body protection
  • GPS navigation

you can find harrow security vehicles armored tlc 79 here.

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TJM Air Locker Differential . Offroad Wheel Locker


TJM Diff locks are designed to overcome the chief limitation of a standard open differential by essentially “locking” both wheels on an axle together as if on a common shaft. This forces both wheels to turn in unison, regardless of the traction available to either wheel individually.

When the differential is unlocked (open differential), it allows each wheel to rotate at different speeds, thus avoiding tire scuffing. An open  differential always provides the same torque to each of the two wheels, on that axle. So although the wheels can rotate at different speeds, they apply the same rotational force, even if one is entirely stationary, and the other spinning.

Diff locks can provide a significant traction advantage over an open differential, enabling you to tackle extreme terrains with ease.


Armored Range Rover- B6 Armored

RANGE_ROVER_CHARGE_R14_6CAR_01_dfc_fs_295-93344_1600x900 copy

Harrow Security Vehicles is producing large line of luxury vehicle in product range. gives safety and luxury. The armored range rover Equipped with our special armoring in B6/B7 it fulfills highest demands concerning security, driving comfort and civilian appearance whilst retaining the Range Rover’s luxury and refinement with off road capability.

  • Reinforced Suspension
  •  Interior Armour Frame Radiator Plating
  • Fuel Pipe and Tank Reinforcement
  • Intelligent Locking System
  • Tailpipe Reinforcement
  • Premium Upholstery
  • Run Flat Wheels from Hutchinson
  • Reinforced Door Hinges



TJM Dual Battery Management System


Harrow Security vehicle armored using armored dual intelligent battery system  for extra safety in battery when you stuck in road

The fully automatic IBS Dual Battery Management System separates the starter battery from auxiliary battery if the car is stopped and link them while the car is running. All Systems are equipped with the IBS 200A power relay. For emergency situation all systems are equipped with manual over ride system (Press the button titles as “Link”).


  • Multi Function Display

  • Link Function Built into display

  • 200A Continuous, 500A momontary Rating
  • 12 Volt

  • 1.5kg Weight

If IBS is installed, it recognizes an IGN-signal or the present charge of the alternator, many convenient functions are available such as link start, winch support, solar link or fast charge.


The Armored Toyota Hilux 4×4 : Utility and protection in one package

Untitled-1 copy

The Armored Toyota Hilux 4X4 is a highly dependable vehicle for conquering urban roads as well as challenging off-road conditions. Built on the tested and proven design of the Hilux, our armored version offers the same level of mobility, durability, and reliability, with the added benefit of armouring. The modular design is ideal for private security companies and military purchasers who are looking for high level protection in a package that blends in easily. The armored Hilux features B6 level armouring according to the requirements of the European CEN 1522/23 and CEN 1063 standards. Opaque areas are armored to FB6 level and transparent areas to BR6 level.

High quality steel and glass armouring configurations are installed on all four sides of the passenger compartment, including the roof of the vehicle. This enables the Hilux to withstand 7.62 x 51mm M80 Nato Ball ammunition (U.S. NIJ level III, CEN level FB6/BR6) as well as 5.56 × 45mm SS109 ammunition (CEN level FB5/BR5 and FB6/BR6) at 0° incidence and 10m range according to CEN1063 and CEN1522 standards.




Armored CIT Vehicles

Untitled-1 copy.png

As you know Harrow Security Vehicles is leading Premium armored vehicle manufacturing company. By considering the safety is first choice . in world facing many armed or ballistic threats, Bank or financial institutional needs to be transfer valuable things between branches or other branches.

Harrow Security Vehicle manufacturing cash in transit highly-secured vehicle utilized to transport valuable goods such as large quantity of cash, jewelry and asset. Our Clients are banks, financial institutions and prominent companies that require transporting cash and valuables from one destination to another. Many model of cit vehicles available. upon request we are adding additional future that meet safety metrics. 360 degree Surveillance and ballistic protection shield against any ballistic or armed threats.

Harrow Security produces a variety of CIT units to meet every client need and budget. Our range currently includes the Armored TLC 79, Armored GMC Savana, and Armored Toyota Hilux.

If you are looking for a lightweight and mobile CIT, the TLC 79 will suit your needs well. Powered by a 4.0 litre V6 engine, the 4×4 drive TLC 79 gives you the power, the torque, and the control to overcome even the most challenging obstacles. Whether you need to scale a steep crag, or ford a shallow stream, the TLC 79 will get you there.

The GMC Savana is a mobile fortress. With a payload of 1,811 kilograms, it can move large hauls with relative ease while providing superior protection to both assets and security personnel. Armouring upgrades include a fully-integrated smart locking system, upgraded suspension, CCTV surveillance, and reinforced door hinges. With B6 Level armouring, the GMC Savana is capable of withstanding the impact of 7.62 x 51 mm. ammunition and weaponry aimed at a 90-degree angle. It also features Enhanced Roof and Floor Protection to defeat M67 hand grenades.

The Toyota Hilux has always had a reputation for being near indestructible. By equipping it with top-quality armoring, our Armoured Toyota Hilux offers the same level of power and reliability. As a cash transit vehicle, it blends in perfectly with any other pickup truck on the road. In cases of emergency, however, it offers much more, including under body protection, run-flat tires, and GPS for precise navigation.




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